Michiana  Astronomical  Society


The Michiana Astronomical Society is an Astronomy club based in the South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana area. We meet in the third Thursday of the month @ 7:00PM. Meetings take place at the Centre branch of the South Bend library located at 1150 E Kern Road South Bend, IN 46614.

December 20th, 2018 - Our speakers will be Sherwood Waggy

Topic: Historical relationship between astrology and astronomy.

Important News

Seeing stars: Cass County park aims for Dark Sky status

Cass County's Lawless Park wants to be Dark Sky site

Upcoming MSP11 Star Party

Michiana Star Party 11 (2019)

Dates: May 31th - June 2nd 2019

For details, click here: (Coming Soon)

Information on this  past years MSP 10 (2018) click here.

Earthbound Events

December 8th, 2018   Saturday Stargazing @ Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore - Cost: Free

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is having a stargazing starting on Saturday November 3, 2016. The program will take place at the Kemil Parking Lot, near Beverly Shores, one of the Dark Sky Communities.That location is one of the darkest spots between Chicago and Michigan City. The address to plug into gps is "Kemil Beach, Beverly Shores, IN 46304, or GPS Coordinates - 041.40.39N 087.00.35W.   

Stargazing will continue at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Kemil parking lot, on the third Saturday, December 16, 2017. Then, thru all of 2018, the program will shift to the Second Saturdays, beginning January 13, 2018.

2018 Schedule
January 13, 2018
February 10, 2018 - Cancelled due to weather!
March 10, 2018
April 14, 2018 - Cancelled due to weather!
May 12, 2018 - Cancelled due to weather!
June 9, 2018
July 14, 2018
August 11, 2018
September 8, 2018
October 13, 2018
November 10, 2018
December 8, 2018

The program is weather dependent, but we have had very good luck; so far, every session has been clear enough to see the Milky Way!
Don't forget your mittens.

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Done for 2018  - Potato Creek Astronomy Program  (Potato Creek State Park) - Cost: The event is free, but there is a cost to enter the state park.

May 26, 2018
June 16, 2018
July 14, 2018
August 11, 2018
September 15th, 2018
October 19th, 2018

Contact  Linda Marks for details.

Our Universe Revealed - Physics for Everyone

 Tuesday November 27th 2018 - 7:00 pm - Special Relativity: Stretching Time and Space - Sam Potier

University of Notre Dame - Room 101 Jordan Hall of Science

Tuesday December 4th 2018 - 6:30 pm - Magic or Physics? (Ages 8+) - Micha Kilburn

University of Notre Dame - Room 101 Jordan Hall of Science

Note: Due to limited space, Tickets are required for some events but are typically free of charge.



TBD - Outreach event for Chikaming Open Lands group

MAS member's will participate in an outreach event at Chikaming Township Park and Preserve (Warren Woods Rd, Three Oaks, MI 49128).

Contact  Chuck Bueter for details.


November 17 - Leonids Meteor Shower with waxing gibbous
December 8 - Kemil Beach
December 13 - Geminids Meteor Shower at 1st Qtr Moon!
December 15 - Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation - View in morning
December 20 - MAS Meeting
December 21 - Ursids Meteor Shower with full Moon
December 21 - December Solstice
January 1 - New Horizons Flyby of Ultima Thule in Kuiper Belt
January 6 - Venus at Greatest Western Elongation - View in morning
January 20 - Total Lunar Eclipse - Umbral 23:41-0:43 EST
January 26 - Kemil Beach

Step out, look up: a guide to local summertime stargazing

A recent article in the South Bend Tribune about local Stargazing. Click here to read it: (July 26, 2018 SBT article)

Previous Event - Febuary 4th, 2017 Science Alive

MAS again participated in Science Alive at the St Joseph county library.

2018/2019 MAS officers are:

Bruce Miller - President

Linda Marks - Vice President

Ruth Craft - Secretary (Chuck Buter - backup Secretary)

Paul Surowiec - Treasurer

Matt Bielski - Member at Large

Many thanks to our previous officers and their service to the Michiana Astronomical Society, it members and the community.

Space Events


Meteor Showers:

October 8, 2018 Draconids
October 21, 2018 Orionids
November 4-5, 2018 South Taurids
November 11-12, 2018 North Taurids
November 17 or 18, 2018 Leonids
December 13-14, 2018 Geminids

Note on Meteor Showers: These dates are the times of peak occurrence, you can actually see some a few days before and after these dates.

Full Moon -  August 26th, 2018 - September 25th, 2018 - October 24th, 2018 - November 23th, 2018 - December 22nd, 2018

New Moon - September 9th, 2018 - October 9th, 2019 - November 7th, 2018 - December 7th, 2018

Total Solar Eclipse - Next one in the US is April 8th 2024.

   The Moon will totally block out the Sun on Aug 21th, 2017 @ 2:21PM.
Time until the total Eclipse


For additional information on the Eclipse, be sure and visit NASA's Eclipse web site.

If you have come here looking for information on the MAS8 Star Party, you have come to the right place. It can be found on the MSP8 page. You can also find the information located on our ex-presidents web site Nightwise.

Time for a Star Party - Read Chucks blog about what goes on at a Star Party .

Can you find these galaxies in the sky? 

  We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.